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Our full online application Form will be available shortly for direct applications to each of our forthcoming Markets.

Presently you can find below our temporary application form.  Simply complete and send your requests over.  I have manual records for each Market and will email you to confirm and issue invoices accordingly to all successful applicants (please note these are generally completed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s each week.

Thank you very kindly for looking into applying to book a stall/table at one or more of our Markets.
Before applying we do request that you read our Terms and Conditions as well as opening/download the pdf document listed at the end of this paragraph. In the event of any issue seeing this document, please email and a copy can be supplied directly to you. All applications are taken on the basis that the applicant has read and understands the contents of this document.
All applications are subject to a review to ensure that each Market is able to offer a variety of stalls to assist both the stallholders and the public visiting. Please do check out the View Events page in Craftbox, then selecting the Market you wish to apply for, where you can preview all fully paid stallholders already attending the Event and ensure we are offering variety and not over populating Markets with too many of the same/similar items or products.
Very kindly could I further advise that I do not sadly accept cake stalls, due to the running of our own mobile tearooms.
One of our Markets aims is to be offering handcrafted or locally sourced craft, products and items, therefore I would also advise that at all of our indoor Markets sadly we do not accept commercial/business non-craft related stalls or party planners. Photography, Art, writers are all considered, where it is created by the individual. There will be a level of consideration for childern’s based commercial stallholders such as Obsborne Books, where activity and craft related books can also be made available. These stall(s) will however be within our childern’s crafting area and not necessarily within the main craft hall.
Where possible we do try to work to a basic ratio. Events with less than 20 stalls we ideally only accept no more than two similar style stalls i.e just 100% cards or just 100% jewellery etc. Events with between 21-30 stalls this is increased to between three-four and for greater than 30 stalls Fromthe Craftbox will take a view depending upon if more than one room is also available. Obviously some stallholders create a mixture of crafts and these do full under their own separate mixed craft ratio, likewise Jewellery is an item for which can be worn by an individual to enhance their outfit. We would advise that beaded accessories for glasses, key rings etc are not deemed Jewellery by Fromthe Craftbox and as such, would fall other a separate sector, a fuller list can be found within our T&C’s Additional Information page to assist you further.
I do truly respect your kind application and trust that this all keeps respect between all parties and allows everyone a fighting chance for a successful Event.
Applications can be ideally made via the online form, if you would prefer to complete a more manual form, please download, complete and return the following Fromthe Craftbox & Toybox Application Form


Please note that from January 2016 due to Paypal and Cheque Charges if you wish to make by these methods, there will be a surcharge due.
Cheque surcharge is £1.50 per cheque
PayPal is £1.00 surcharge for every per £25 due, for example £26-£50 the surcharge is £2, £51-£75 is £3, £76-£100 is £4 and so on.
BACS or Bank transfers are FREE OF CHARGE
Cash Payments are available for last minute bookings or upon request.

IMPORTANT - Your application for a stall with From The Craftbox means that you have read, accept and understand the Booking Terms and Conditions as outlined on this page.
Check here if you accept these terms.