This page is updated on a regular basis, if you have a query, please do check to see if your answer is listed here first.

Who can apply for a stall?

One of our main aims at Fromthe Craftbox is to offer crafters, hobbyists, artists those for whom handcraft, up-cycle, recycle or locally source their products who wish to find an outsource to be able to bring your goods to Market. Sadly we are no longer accepting commercially based stallholders for are indoor Markets.
In 2016 our Summer Markets we are working on outside areas in addition to the Main Craft Market Hall. We hope to offer this at most of the venues and these will be themed as Summer Fetes. The outside areas will be gazebo spaces (stallholders will need to bring their own gazebo and tables) and shall be available to other non-craft related stallholders.

Are tables supplied with my booking?

Yes as a general rule when booking either a standard mid stall or an end position stall, you will be supplied on the day with a 6ft or tables to create a 6ft long stall for your use.
Please do note that some venues do not have the full volume of tables to fill their Hall space and therefore at these venues there is a separate stall option and discounted cost for a stallholder choosing to bring their own table. We would also confirm that if stallholders are choosing this option, they MUST have their own public liability insurance to cover the fact that they are bringing their own table, as Fromthe Craftbox can not insurance or cover an item for which is not owned or hired and stallholders are fully responsible for the table being in good working order.

How do I book a different size stall?

The online application form is defaulted to the most common stall booking of a standard 6ft mid stall. In the event that you wish to guarantee an end position stall, bring your own table or look for different size options, you can do this on the top centre of the application form, where there is a drop down box option. Simply click on the drop down arrow and all stall options offered at that venue will appear and you just click on the stall size you are after. Please note that each option shows its costing too.

What can I sell on the day?

Within the application form we kindly request that you advise us of your business Genre, ie Jewelley, Cards, Soap, Candles, Book Art, Framed Art etc etc we ask that you only use 1 or 2 words please. If you wish to offer a mixed range of products, please state Mixed Craft.
We then have a separate section on the application form, where we do kindly ask for you to disclose all products you wish to sale, this is where more detail about your products is kindly asked for. We do this to ensure where possible that we are offering on Market day a variety of all different areas of craft and that certain areas do not become over populated. We respect all of our Stallholders and hope for each and everyone to have the best chance of a successful day.
We do respectfully ask that stallholders DO NOT bring additional products on the day forewhich have not been disclosed on their application form. You are welcome to email prior to Market day if you do wish to add any additional lines and we shall of course confirm that these will not clash with any other stallholder attending.

Do you allow more than one of a similar Stall?

It can be very hard to police this, as within some crafting sectors there is so much difference and choice. We do try to operate now on a 1 in 8-10 ratio of similar craft areas. This is also where your business genre is very important, as this is used within the ratio sorting process.
We would confirm that Mixed craft stalls are seen with their own ratio allowance of the same levels, therefore you may find a small percentage of overlap ie if a mixed craft stall offers a selection of cards, this would not also be taken off of the ratio of cards to. The mixed craft stallholder is advised that no one product is greater than 50% of there stall and they must be offering a mixed array of products.

How to I make Payment for my Stall?

We have many options for settlement of Stalls.
Ideally we kindly ask that all NEW stallholders await confirmation of their application being approved prior to payment being made. Invoices are issued upon a successful application. These we do try to turn around as quickly as humanly possible, however at busy periods, there can be short delay’s however we do reply to all applications received.
Our preferred payment method is via Bank Transfer, either online or by popping in any Barclays Bank with a copy of your invoice, as all Bank details required are listed there.

We are connected with Paypal, but would confirm from 1st January 2016 all payments made via Paypal will carry a small surcharge. This will be an additional £1 for any single transaction up to the value of £25. From £25.01 up to £50, the surcharge will be £1.50. Any greater bulk bookings, please make contact us for confirmation of surcharge. All surcharges will be listed on your invoice.